Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hotz Chocolate kembali.......


Salam to all viewers & customers..

Hotzchocolate kembali lagi, ramadhan & syawal sudah pun berlalu, alhamdullilah rezeki ramadhan & syawal untuk hotzchocolate..... terima kasih daun keladi buat semua... Tahun depan & seterusnya teruslah men'support' hotzchocolate.....

Hotzchocolate sudah meng'injak' kepada produk2 lain likes a cakes, layers cakes, tarts dan lain-lain yang pastinya still sweet, creamy & tickle yourtastebud... after this i will upload the new pic our product..(actually now on 'workshop' otak dah jem, rileks jap update blog ni, heheheh...)

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